Monday, December 7, 2009


should be working on my proceedings paper. Guess I will be soon.

Vlad is hanging in there - nothing new wrong with him, and he is active and happy. Starting to adjust his meds to get him on fewer of them.

Gustav had a growth removed - it's benign. Stitches come out of his butt Friday.

I had a mole removed - it's benign. No stitches for me at least. :)

I argued with the school about some things. We now agree that I have had enough immunizations to register for classes in the spring. (In that special way, where I had to sign a waiver for my mumps shot... ) and that I really only need 10 more thesis hours and to defend my dissertation. Not 3 more classes and 9 more hours.. (I have no idea how they got that from my records.. )

Last judo tournament of the year was Saturday - I got to fight a nice brown belt. Lost the two fights, but had good ones. I think the next really local one is in April, and is the giant one that my club hosts.

I have more baking plans than time. Need to write this paper to free up some time!

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