Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Dawn Watching Party

I totally made red velvet cupcakes and piped hammer and sickle designs (after dying the cream cheese frosting yellow) on them.

For those who don't know: Red Dawn is a movie about a bunch of high schoolers in Colorado who form a group of partisans when the Soviets invade. Also, N is pretty active in a survivalist group here. There were members of that group that had not yet seen Red Dawn.

So we fixed that. If nothing else, we had to do it before they release the remake! (I hadn't seen it either. But then, I don't claim that I am prepared to go live in the mountains for a few months if I had to. I just bake the cupcakes.)

Then we watched Zombieland. Everyone was happy and it was a very late night.


  1. LOVE the cupcakes! Did you like Zombieland?

  2. Zombieland - cute, worth watching once. The appalling levels of dumbness were isolated to the boring bit in the middle. good energy and laughs for the rest of it though.