Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall is for changes. And Skull cakes.

Skull cake! I am now plotting excuses to make skull cakes for every occasion. Hogwatch, Easter Crime, Pirate birthday parties (I'll be pro-pirate for skull cakes!) I just love my skull cake pan. This is yellow cake with the simple glaze I used for coffee cake. It's two pieces, one that is sort of neck + back of head and one that's the face. So it sits up and looks at you. We glued them together with strawberry jam that didn't set all the way for extra gore.

The linden tree in the front yard changed color in the last few days. All over the neighborhood, the leaves are coming down so fast you can hear them, so today was the day to get all the fall color photos.
(unknown decorative bush. it's twin on the other side of the deck appears to be dead - didn't change color.)
(the remaining apricot tree. It was about twice this big, but half of it fell over and died. We still got enough apricots for jam this year.)

News! I have a new job. It is awesome. I'm a Data Consultant at SimpleGeo. Right now that means that I'm building ways to clean up our geo data sources, which uses programming and statistics and text mining and other things that I wanted an excuse to learn more about. I cleaned out a ton of links that I had favorited in Twitter because they looked interesting - all of them are relevant to my new job. Still part-time while I wrap up this thesis (swear I'm making progress) but planning for it to become full-time after that.
N also has a new job. He's still a controller, but now he has a much better commute, and works for a larger company - a wholesale plant nursery.

Obligatory photo of adorable dog:
Vlad manages to look mopey despite having the comfy chair and all the toys. Takes some doing.

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