Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lazy Roasted Veggies

No, seriously, so lazy. So lazy that I will do it. (I eat a lot of salad, but I basically don't cook vegetables.)

Get an assortment of frozen veggies. If you are really lazy, also get some fishsticks or chicken nuggets or something.

Set the oven to 425 degrees, or whatever your protein is going to want to cook at.

Fill a bowl with frozen veggies

Pour a small amount of olive oil over them, (remember, your goal here is to make as little mess as possible for maximum laziness) shake the bowl gently to distribute. Sprinkle with some kind of spices or something, shake again to distribute.

I use Uncle Chris' Gourmet Steak Seasoning because my aunt told me it was good on everything, and she was right.
Spread some foil on a cookie sheet (technically jelly roll pan? you want edges. For the oil.) Dump your bowl of veggies out onto it, and spread them around so they're mostly a single layer. Notice some of my carrots are frozen together. They get over it. I thought about prying them apart, but: lazy!

Shove them in the oven for 15 minutes. No, I don't care if it hasn't finished preheating.
After the 15 minutes, take out the pan, stir the vegetables around a bit, and shove them over to make room for your protein. Add the frozen protein and cook again until it's done. (I usually do fish sticks, so an additional 17 minutes.)

When they're done, scoop the veggies back into the original bowl (which incidentally still has spices and oil in it!) to eat out of. Shove your protein on a plate and optionally add some condiments. Throw away the foil.

You have dirtied: one bowl, one spatula, one small plate, and one fork. Hooray!

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