Friday, April 17, 2009

School is right on top of me

which I think is pretty normal for this point in the semester: 4 weeks left including finals.

Since I'm only taking one "real" class, this is almost all self-inflicted, which will hopefully give me an edge next year when its all research. The worst of the deadlines are because of ASA Spring meeting next Friday - where I'm hopefully giving a talk and presenting a poster. Except the project the talk is based on is not done, and I haven't actually turned all my source material and simulations into a poster yet. (The poster is on the first tangible piece of my thesis research and I'm really happy that it's so together in my head. But it will be FANTASTIC to have it be a real thing even if it is taped together sheets of regular paper.)

Part of my Monetary Policy independent study is sitting in on the related classes of Macro - at 7:00-8:15 MW nights. Which with Judo kills every last one of my weeknights. I skipped Judo Tuesday, opting to fight with Bayesian (why does MCMC simulation converge to the correct posterior distribution?) and bang out the R code for my poster simulations. The class is good - I'm following everything despite having taken Macro 4.5 years ago - but I hope it doesn't last for the rest of the semester.

Functional Analysis homework due Thursday - and he hasn't covered even half of the sections the homework is out of. Wish me luck on an extension to that due date.

It's snowing. I'm not sure whether I want to find out if there is an econ talk today. If I don't know, I don't have to go. (Is it my fault they can't seem to send out announcements? and then they wonder why no students show up.)

This is about as exciting as it is likely to get for the next few weeks - the home stretch of mathematics coursework. (I'm taking one more class this summer towards my economics masters - then it's all thesis hours!)

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