Saturday, June 20, 2009

baking, hiking, being bad at algebra

Just out of the oven! Sourdough from my very own, week-old starter. It definitely rose, so the starter can't be too bad... we'll know more when we actually taste it. The starter smells a LOT better than it did earlier in the week.

After 4 years in Colorado, we finally saw one of the not-too-far tourist attractions: Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.Of course, this was only accomplished because friends from much much further away were going and let us tag along. It was fantastic to see you guys - and I find all hikes a lot more interesting with good company.

and the algebra.. well. I just have to force myself to take it slow. and use a calculator when adding and subtracting two digit numbers. It's pitiful, but if I just hurry through my game theory homework, it takes me many many tries to solve very simple algebra problems correctly.

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