Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Spring!

I can tell, all the snow melted. (Not that we won't get more, just that there's not still a big patch of it next to the shed.)

In order: mint, strawberry(!) and oregano are alive. More amazingly, there's some live grass in our backyard. Not enough to be photogenic though.

No new recipes. Not being able to stand much kind of puts a damper on baking. I have been experimenting with Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day - I'm not happy with it as plain bread yet, but it was good for making Bierocks last weekend. My big caveat with that book - all the recipes expect you to use coarse/kosher salt, but the book only says that right at the beginning, not in all those recipes. Even using coarse it's a pretty salty dough, but with table salt it was almost inedible. I'm not a fan of the recipe writeups in the book at all, but some of them are quite good if you can puzzle them out. And the method is super super easy, so I think it's worth tinkering with to get something I'm happy with out of the recipe.

I'm out of the orthopedic boot and starting on physical therapy. I'm going to try going to yoga next week. I'm still wearing a soft brace for most of my walking, but if I'm careful I can walk without it.

I leave you with an obligatory dog photo:

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