Friday, April 9, 2010

Just an update

The apricot started blooming right after I took last week's photos. Hopefully it won't freeze too bad this year and we'll get some apricots for apricot jam! I even saw a bee among the flowers.

We seem to have made a tradition of hosting an Easter brunch. It's a lot of fun, and a good excuse to make hollandaise sauce and drink mimosas. We've done it enough times that I feel safe looking forward to it every year. I love traditions! (and eggs benedict!)

This was my second week of physical therapy. (With the physical therapist's ok) I also started yoga and ellipticaling. I'm definitely not up to full speed, and no one wants to discuss how long til I'm back at judo, but at least I'm able to do something again.

No Knead bread recipes are coming along. Dry milk helps the flavor immensely, but I think I need to start lowering the salt. Their method for making raisin bread is a clear winner though. (Roll out some bread dough. Hit it with an egg wash, some cinnamon sugar and some raisins. Roll up, stick in loaf pan, allow to rise, bake as usual. Awesome.)

We're finally making progress on the downstairs bathroom. If the paint/texture of the new half of the ceiling had matched, we'd be done, but nooooo, it never works that way. So we're half a ceiling worth of paint and texture away from cleaning it up and putting it back together. SO CLOSE.

And now that it's spring, there's a ton of yard work to be done - good thing I can walk! I've started cleaning up the winter debris from the front yard, one wheelbarrow full at a time.

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  1. Glad to hear your recovering. Can you e-mail me the full recipe for the cinnamon bread? That one sounds doable.